Where are you local?


What if we asked, instead of “Where are you from?” — “Where are you a local?” This would tell us so much more about who and how similar we are.  Our experience is where we’re from, we are local where we carry out our rituals and relationships.

The Teen Fellowship presentation started out with a bang! As in a country saloon style dance lead by none other than fabulous Kathleen accompanied by the Children’s and Teen fellowship dancers.

Fairhope Unitarian Teens 1Fairhope Unitarian Teens 2

Sunday May 8th’s presentation entitled “Where are you Local”, was given by our Teens Lucy and Brisa, the girls work 3 months putting the project together and created a wonderful powerpoint presentation, also on displayed was a photo gallery of artwork by Teen Instructor Kate Mercer, including 8 images of  local Fairhope Unitarians. After an informative talk, the Teens answered question from Fellowship members.

Fairhope Unitarian Teens 3

The Teen Presentation was inspired by the a Ted Talk by Taiye Selasi.

“History is real, and cultures are real, but countries are invented.” and  “How can I come from a nation? How can a human being come from a concept?”

Selasi thus identifies herself as a “multi-local” rather than a “multi-national.” She urges us to not ask of others, “Where are you from?” but rather, “Where are you a local?”




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